Myllap - Life Management Tool for Everyone

Life-changing features

Myllap comes with all basic features that helps you to manage your day-to-day life efficietly that helps you to reduces burden, complete your tasks and achieve your goals.

  • Manage Circles - Manage Your Personal and Professional Circle to Find and Use them on Time
  • Assets Managements - Manage your assets and evaluate their current time-to-time. You can add nominee to your account so they could access untold/secrets in case any unfortunate accidents.
  • Achieve Success - Features like, dreams, vision, goals, action plan, challenges and to-do will help your to achieve success in your life.

Proven Success

Features available in Myllap is continuosly used for two years and we've achieved success using these tools.


On Dashboard of your account, you can how's your life is going and what's the worth of your life. Also, it gives you daily motivation to push boundaries and work for better future.

Bhagavata Geeta

We've used the concepts of Bhagavata Geeta to developed its features. We're developing and integrating more features every month.